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Become a Volunteer

Become Volunteer

Become a Volunteer

Thank you for your interest in working with all of us at Snyder Union Northumberland Habitat for Humanity.

Volunteer Registration Whether your interest is on site, on committee, or both, your help is appreciated. You can read about various volunteer activities on this page. Please email us at info@sunhabitat.org in order to get started!

Recruitment and Relations:

This committee shall be responsible for recruiting volunteers for positions throughout the organization and for assisting with fundraising efforts. This includes enlisting and nurturing the support of churches located in the service area of the corporation. This committee shall follow a non-discriminatory policy when accepting volunteers, all are to be welcomed into the organization. The construction volunteer coordinator is a member of this Committee and the Construction Committee. This committee shall serve as the nominating committee, and submit to the Board of Directors at its December meeting the names of nominees for Directors to be elected. The committee shall secure the consent to serve if elected of all nominees whose names it submits. The committee also shall submit the names of nominees for election by the Board of Directors in filling vacancies thereon between the December meetings. Time varies, depending on the volume of volunteers, no more than an hour or two a month.

Family Support Committee:

This committee shall be responsible for providing Habitat homeowners and prospective homeowners with a mutual support system, educational opportunities, and a forum for discussions pertaining to about homeownership and maintenance, all for the purpose of helping to help families to break the poverty cycle and become independent. As a group, this committee meets 4 times per year. Individually, the time commitment when working with a partner family varies, but typically requires 2-4 hours per month during the construction phase of the home. Two members of the committee work with each new family, so a new committee member is always paired with an experienced member. You will be assigned a set number of Habitat Families and will serve as their first point of contact on issues other than their mortgages.

Communications Committee:

This committee shall be responsible for educating and informing the public regarding the mission and purposes of the corporation, the need for better and more affordable housing in certain areas, and the steps being taken to meet this need. The tasks to be coordinated by this committee shall include publishing of a periodic newsletter, communicating with the news media, and supporting public presentations of representatives of the affiliate. Meets as needed with an average of 2 to 4 hours commitment per month.

Site Selection:

This committee shall be responsible for targeting the area or areas of the community in which the projects of the corporation shall be developed, investigating and researching the availability of property, and recommending property to the Board of Directors for acquisition. The committee shall work in conjunction with the Construction Committee to evaluate the suitability of potential sites prior to acquisition. No meetings are held, an 4 to 6 hours commitment per month.

Family Selection:

This committee shall be responsible for drafting the selection criteria and application forms, screening applications, interviewing applicants, and recommending applicants to the Board of Directors for approval as prospective homeowners. This committee shall follow a non-discriminatory policy when selecting a family, all are to be welcomed into the program. Meetings are held before a home is ready for construction at Chair’s discretion, averages a 8-12 hours commitment per year.


This committee is reserved for those with financial understanding and background such as financial statements, budgeting, and accounting. Before joining you are required to meet with our current members to review committee responsibilities. This committee shall be responsible each year for reporting the results of the accountant’s review or audit of the corporation’s finances to the Board of Directors, reviewing the insurance coverage, reviewing and adjusting the escrow payments required of the partner families, and constructing a proposed budget for action by the Board of Directors.

Construction Committee:

This committee shall be responsible for planning and implementing the construction projects of the corporation. The tasks to be directed by this committee shall include obtaining house plans, soliciting professional help and donations of building materials, coordinating construction volunteers and supervising construction. If the corporation contracts with a Site Supervisor, this committee will recruit, hire, and evaluate the supervisor.

Information Technologies:

This committee or coordinator shall be responsible for managing the organization’s electronic record keeping, access to the internet, email service, website, and any other information processing needs that may arise.