Position Open: Site Supervisor

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Board Members:

We are always looking for qualified people for board members that can help bring our organization into the next phase of our growth and aid us in making good decisions to lead our volunteers. If you have the skills we are looking for or have experience in leadership we would like to speak with you to consider your nomination. If you believe in helping low- to moderate- income families by giving them a hand up not a handout this is the organization for you. Meetings are held the 4th Monday of every month, time commitment is at least 5 hours per month.

Family Selection

Be a part of making a real difference in someone’s life! This committee seeks applicant families, reviews the applications, interviews potential partner families, and recommends the families who need our services the most to the Board. There are different capacities in which you can serve, if you are more comfortable working behind the scene to make sure families are within guidelines or if you would like to meet with our potential partner families first hand you can be the one to go out and do the interviews. Averages 20 to 40 hours commitment per year depending on how many homes we need to fill.

Family Support

This is a hands-on committee with a goal to help families break the poverty cycle and become independent. We work with partner families to help them become successful homeowners. As a group, our committee meets once a month. You will receive full training on how we work with our partner families from the start of the partnership until the day they pay off their mortgage. Individually, the time commitment when working with a partner family varies, but typically requires 10 to 12 hours per month during the construction phase of the home and then just a few hours a month for meetings and keeping updated with the family progress. If you’d like more information on how this committee operates, one of our Family Support committee members would be happy to talk with you.

Volunteer Coordinator Committee

Do you like being in charge and organized? Then this is the committee for you. The Volunteer Coordinator works closely with the Site Supervisor to discuss the manpower required for the tasks scheduled to be completed the next work session. The coordinator then contacts core volunteers, student groups, and other volunteers to schedule sufficient workers, with the necessary skill sets, to achieve our goals for the day. A designated Committee member makes sure all volunteers sign in and out when working, ensures all workers have signed the Release and Waiver of Liability Form before working on a project. A designated committee member works with the Partner family and Family Support to ensure the family works enough hours to meet the requirements of the Sweat Equity Agreement and reports those hours monthly to Family Support and the SUNHFH Administrator.

Site Selection

On this committee you would be working with Realtors, checking on-line sites, and watching for private landowner opportunities to find sites within our three county area that are suitable to build a Habitat home. You would be viewing home and/or land conditions/costs and serving as liaison between owner and Habitat. The Site Supervisor will also be working with you to find suitable properties. Once a potential property has been identified it is brought to the board for approval. No meetings are held this is a 20 to 40 hours commitment per year; our desire is to secure at least two sites per year that we can build new homes or that can be rehabilitated per year.


This committee does what it says – helps to come up with fundraising ideas and events that can raise money and raise awareness in the region. The committee creates and participates in fundraising events as well as seeking partnerships for events with other organization that share a similar mission as Habitat. Time commitment varies depending on the events being scheduled; usually no more than an average of 6-8 hours per month.


Just want to “Swing a Hammer”? The construction committee helps in all aspects of building or rehabilitating homes. You get to choose what jobs you are comfortable with doing or want to learn how to do. Most workdays are on a Saturday and we ask that you complete at least 4 hours on a shift. Meetings are held during the construction phase if you choose to attend. You will be working with partner families, college students, and other volunteers on the site as the majority of work is done by you the volunteer.


This is a committee that you MUST have a financial background to be considered for. This committee works with our Treasurer on creating a budget for the upcoming financial year and you will also be working with the Administrator to aid in goals listed in the short- and long-term Strategic Plan. There is not much time commitment, so this is the perfect committee if you are also interested in a board seat.